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the fire-starting bandits' Journal
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Below are the 16 most recent journal entries recorded in the fire-starting bandits' LiveJournal:

Friday, February 22nd, 2002
1:33 am
i could watch this whole world


once a firebandit, always a firebandit.




damn that feels good.


Current Mood: pissed off
Saturday, August 11th, 2001
1:17 am
itchy update
due to popular demand, heres an update on my newest pet, itchy, the mold growth.

last night before i went to bed, i spit in it, hoping it would help itchy out.... cause now that the sodas all goen im wondering how itchy's going to survive. where i spit is apparently peeling up a bit. i dont know if thats a good thing or not. of course the ONLY thing to do in this situation is to spit in it again and hope for the best! im going to put a few drops or so of soda in there as well, before i go to bed. itchy... isnt looking too healthy, even as far as a mold growth goes. so lets all keep itchy in our thoughts and in our hearts.

Friday, August 10th, 2001
3:20 am
my new pet
a month or so ago i left from MA to RI. i was in RI for about a week. id forgotten that i left a cup full of a few inches of soda in my room, which could also be used as an insinerator, its so damned hot. when i came back, i saw all these mold circles and other assorted growths on and in the soda, and clinging to the cup. i decided to let it grow, to see what would happen. day by day the level of the soda dissipated, due to evaporation, or the organsims consuming it, or both. today it was bone dry, but the bottom of the cup is covered in all sorts of life. i named it "itchy", and decided to spit into it a few times, to see what would happen. after all, human saliva isnt exactly clean, so i wonder what will happen. guess well find out in the morning! goodnight everyone! goodnight itchy!

Wednesday, June 20th, 2001
12:16 am

getting ready to go out...

loading up the jeep...

tires make for a GREAT fire...

if you look hard enough, you can almost see the tears of joy streaming down my face as we prepare for the arrival of the blaze...

aint it pretty?

oh glory of glories...

lets get a close up of that....


taken from about 250 feet away. we torched the sky...

we blew up some flat tire foam, and this stuff sprayed EVERYwhere. it reached upwards of about 25 feet from the fire.

this is about ten feet from the fire...

haaaang on... lets see a close up of that...

hehehe purrty rock, that ther is. hickyuh

we blew up a LOT of things. of course, we couldnt take pictures, because we were using a digital camera, which automatically takes a second to focus everytiem you try to take a picture, so wed never be able to catch the blast if we tried.

heres glass, signing off.

until next time...


Monday, June 11th, 2001
12:55 pm
I just remembered something funny...
when I was in Jr. High school.... my nickname was Wick.
hehe!!!! :D

Current Mood: amused
Friday, June 1st, 2001
3:14 pm
near death experience...
last weekend i was with my friend norm, and we set a decent sized fire, using lint from the lint traps of dryers, sticks, newspapers, and diesel fuel. it was going rather well. we decided to throw in a rather full can of WD-40. so, we threw it in and ran to a safe distance. now, were rather proficient in such matters, so we knew what to expect. but...
several minutes went by, and we hadnt even heard the can creak yet (they creak when expanding, when theyre about to burst, for those who dont know).
we were getting concerned, because we realized that when we wanted to leave the sand pit we were in (its a very large sand pit in the middle of nowhere) we would have to walk within a few feet of the fire wed created. the one that was set to go BOOM a long time ago. if youve ever blown up a can of this stuff before, you know that the worst thing you can do is be ANYwhere near it when it goes off. if the can doesnt turn into shards of shrapnel, it stays whole and shoots off like a rocket. when this happens.... well, weve never been able to find them afterwards, they shoot so far into the distance.

so to go near the fire meant death if it went off.

but wait! this story gets much more interesting... >;)

i decided "fuck it" and i ran all the way to the fire, and grabbed all of our supplies that were right next to it, behind a rock, and then i ran back.

we were bored of waiting, as it had been almost 20 minutes. we decided that it mustve burned very slowly for some reason (sometimes the top melts off, and the gas is released slowly, so theres no explosion).

we decided to make another fire somewhat far away.

so we did. and we had a couple of home made bombs wed made some time earlier. one was in a small aluminum can, just smaller than a reb bull drink, or a SOBE ADRENALINE RUSH (FUCK YEAH!). it was filled with explosives, including gun powder, black powder, and many other ingredients that im not going to list here. so instead of lighting the fuse, norm decided to just throw it in. he told me i should get a head start, but i was already, say, 5 feet from the fire, so i thought that would be enough. normally these things take a minute or two to go off.

but the can was sealed with a gun powder solution mixed with glue. and the can was paper thin.

it went off as soon as it hit the flames. my back was turned, and i heard BOOOOM! immediately behind me. for some reason i was never afriad, even though i almost died.
see, right after it went off, some shrapnel hit the sand a few inches away from my leg. and i heard some fall from the sky just ahead of me. chances are, if i DID run, i wouldve been hit by them. and... if it didnt kill me, idve been so mangled up, i probably wouldve wished for death. haha.

then, in typical fire bandit form, we set off another one. hahahaha. this one was made out of a CO2 catridge. THIS time, we lit the fuse. the fuse actually went to two of the same bomb. one went off first (which was, by the way, one of the loudest nioses ive ever heard) which blew the other one away. haha. the next day we went and found it, and im sure well use it next time where out.

have fun while im away for the weekend. :P


Current Mood: mischievous
Saturday, May 26th, 2001
2:33 am
early on Friday afternoon, Glass and I went back to the bike path, to see if there were any remains from the night before. It had rained that night, so we'd walked halfway up the path, and saw nothing, and started to get dissapointed, figuring the rain must have washed away everything...

but then we walked a few more feet (it was a lot further up the path than we'd thought!) and saw the charred and discolored remains of the bottle of rubbing alcohol. hehehehe. It was really small, there wasn't very much left, but the label was still nice and intact... haha... and there was black stuff all over the bottle, which we just figured was the melted parts of the bottle. so we kicked that aside, and hid it by a tree, to look at sometime later... hehe... and kept walking for another few feet.

and then!! we looked down, and we saw this little white ring EMBEDDED into the tar of the path. And there were chunks of missing tar all around it. It was where the bottle had burned! The black stuff that had been all over the bottle wasn't just the burned bottle... it was actually part of the fucking tar that had been in the ground! yes!! that's going to be there forever!! woohoo!!
and I think that white ring is in there for good. I'm going to go back and check the next time I walk through there and see... but I'm pretty sure it's not going anywhere!! I bet it got pushed into the tar, when the fuckin pig rolled by in his car.

and it was SO funny...
as me and Glass are standing there, huddled over the remains of the dead fire, and pointing down at it and laughing...
this fucking COP comes up the path, on a motorcycle!! It was so fucked up! We were just like, 'uhh, we'd better stop looking at this and keep walking. heh.' So that's what we did. The cop drove by and just looked at us.
we kept walking to the station, and like 2 minutes later, ANOTHER cop is driving around in a car... but this was an area that wasn't supposed to have cars on it at all, it's in the middle of some fields, with the bike path, and a walkway... but there was a cop there, and he drove RIGHT up to us and just fucking parked there, and watched as we walked by.
It was annoying, but also really fucking amusing. hehe.
I mean... first the other cops had seen us the night before, right after we lit the fire, and fireworks... I'm sure they knew it was us who'd done it, but they didn't have any proof of anything, so what could they do?
and then the VERY next day, a few hours later, 2 more cops see the same exact 2 kids, in the same place, fucking standing right there and looking at the remains, and laughing, and pointing at it.
just too funny. It was like... they knew it was us. We knew they knew. But we ALSO knew, that they couldn't do SHIT about it! so that one cop was just trying to fuck with us, the one that pulled up within 2 feet of us for no fuckin reason. But we just kept walking, with straight faces, laughing inside the whole time.

hehehe.... it was great.

Current Mood: mischievous
Friday, May 25th, 2001
12:02 am
well I got some small results, which was encouraging. I tried to get it to shake a little, but I wasn't able to. But after all, this is the first time I've even attempted anything in at least half a year. It turned a little for me, and right before I called Glass over, I felt that little thing 'open' in my head. I can actually hear it. it's weird. And it feels like something literally moves in my brian, when it happens.
then I took a little break, and went back to it for a few minutes. there were still some lingering traces of a connection there... which was good.

so, all in all, I do come away with a good feeling. I think I can do this again. It will just take some effort. kinda like climbing back on a bicycle when you haven't ridden one in 10 years. so, maybe when I get home from Chris's house tomorrow, I'll have another little meeting.

welp, nitey nite.
Thursday, May 24th, 2001
11:08 pm
we're both writing this entry, cuz we're sitting right next to each other. hehe.
well we just got back from some firey fun.
let's see, lets start at the top. first we went to the fields near Alewife, and stopped on the completely pitch black bike path, right in the middle. and Glass lit 3 flower blossom fireworks. the first two were ok, then the third was missing its fuse, but then the last one went off, and spun around like crazy, and made up for the other one. teeheeeee.
and then he lit 4 other ones that were REALLY bright (flashbombs), and those were fucking awesome. They were so bright that I (Lilith) couldn't even look directly at them. And I looked behind me, and the whole path was lit up, and flickering, just like a strobe light!! and it made huge shadows of us, so I danced around a little. It was so fucking cool. those weren't that loud.
then there was a big red strip that acts like a long fuse, with lots of little explosions going off as the flame travels down it. that was CERTAINLY the loudest one. we ran after that one...
then we went to the field nearby and lit the two purple fountains. those were very pretty... the second one wasnt at first as good as the first, but it lasted much longer and at the very end it made a final burst, which made us cheer. hehe

as we were walking back through the field, we decided we wanted to get some rubbing alcohol, and light that up too.
soooooo..... we got on the train and went to Porter, to go to the 24-hour CVS. While we were in there, we picked up a couple of valerian root pills, and a nice 99 cent bottle of rubbing alcohol. When we bought it, the guy behind the counter was a little 'special'. He was stuttering and nodding his head a lot. Then we got back in the station, and since we were the only ones on the escalator, we decided to lie down the whole time. That was fun. It got a little bumpy a few times. Then we jumped back on the train, where we were stared at for the whole ride, not helped by Lilith's red eyes, and Glass's jumping and swinging arond the poles, while singing in a child's voice, "Jesus loves the little children, all the little children of the world", while Lilith glowered at the crowd of moronic gawkers. Then we got back to Alewife and started walking to the path. As we were walking there, we walked by a car that was just sitting there... and we looked in, and saw a cop. Keeping our heads down, we continued our way to the path, and this time walked a little further past the middle, past where we'd lit the fireworks earlier that hour.

when we found a spot we liked, Glass started pouring the alcohol down the middle of the path, in a big line, and then put the bottle in the middle of the line. and also, put the empty plastic bag that the fireworks had been in, there too. It had gunpowder in it. hehehe.

at first it wasnt taking to the flame since it was so dispersed, but eventually we got it to light up, the bottle cought rather quickly, but it was burning slowly. then we kicked the bottle so that the opening was in the flames, and it filled up with blue fire in a flash and a "FWOOMP!". then the fire was lasting a while, so we layed down at a safe distance, and watched our creation grow.

we were having a just dandy time laying on the ground, watching our fire, commenting on how nice it was, and appreciating it's beauty, when suddenly, we noticed a light shining on our feet. We both looked back at the same time, and saw....

we looked at each other for a second, and jumped up.. we contemplated running into the woods that were next to us, but we knew that could possibly complicate the situation, so instead we just picked up our pace and started walking ahead. As the lights grew brighter, and closer, we remained calm as we walked over the remains of the still burning fire.
a few feet after the fire, the car caught up with us, and the cop rolled down his window, and asked us what we were doing. And we casually said we were walking to the station. "What happened there?" he asked. "I dunno, someone lit a fire." He asked us one more time where we were going, and drove off, mumbling something in disbelief.

on the way back to Lilith's house, we realized that the cop in the car had driven over to where the first cop had been parked. And after a few minutes, of course they must have exchanged information about us... and of course the lie we told must have been obvious by then, because the first cop would have told the second one, that he had just seen the 2 of us walking AWAY from the station. hahaha.... stupid pigs. but yeah, that was fuckin awesome. We were exhilirated. :)

and now we are back, and eating jelly beans, our reward to ourselves, after a job well done.
and Lilith is going to attempt to see if she has any remaining pyrokinetic 'powers' left within her, with a candle flame now.

Current Mood: accomplished
3:37 am
I love the smell of burning paper. It's one of my very favorite smells in the world. Sometimes I burn little pieces of it, just so I can smell that. It's better than incense. :)
Tuesday, May 22nd, 2001
12:48 am
fireworks go BOOM!!
this weekend i set off a bunch of the fireworks i bought while down in PA. wheee! some of them were reallllly fun.

one type is sort of like a long red fuse. its full of things that POP really loud, with bright white flashes. i twirled two around eachother to see what would happen, with SEXY results. it sends huge burning sparks out in all directions, and made black circles everywhere on the rock i set it off on.

another type made white flashes and pops. but the flashes were so bright it hurt to look at. so of course that was what was most fun about them! theyre small and come 6 in a box. one box for a dollar. ohhh yeahh.

another kind was a type of flower blossom, but you need to pin it to something so it can spin correctly. i had nothing, so it wasnt as much fun as it couldve been. i think the most fun aprt about it is that after it burned out, it cought fire, and went up in flames.

then the last type i got was a purple fountain. that was nice. i set off two and saved two.
it sends up a stream of... well.... what do you call that? burning material upward in a stream, with purple streaks coming out here and there. it was neat.

im sure me and lilith will have fun with them, but well have to be REALLY careful. hehe. but im good at that. ;)


Current Mood: mischievous
Sunday, May 20th, 2001
12:51 am
I got 4 new lighters today. they were only 25 cents each!! yes! and they all have huge flames. :D
I got them at the flea market I went to with Chris. and I gave him a pretty red one.
I'm really glad I found them, because I only know where 1 of my lighters is right now. (the blowtorch one).... and that's not good. It's better to have at least 2 lighters around at all times.

oh! duuuuuude....
you could finish showing me how to make them explode!! cuz now I'll have 2 of them! lol ....
and you gotta bring those fireworks too. we can go to the field near Alewfire. >:)



Current Mood: complacent
Thursday, May 17th, 2001
3:31 am
awwww yeah
fuck yeah. now our icons match. and they look really cool in here. hehe....thank you glass, for making mine!!!!! :D
Wednesday, May 16th, 2001
11:19 pm
over last weekend i bought a bunch of fireworks. they sell them to ANYbody in PA. hehehe. me and lilith are gonna have fun fun fun!


Current Mood: mischievous
1:41 pm
ok, well glass sent me some linkies, and I messed around w/this, and now we can both post in here. AWWW yeah.

I have this lighter, it's really cool. It's like a mini-blow torch. It's windproof and everything. I love my lighter.
Tuesday, May 15th, 2001
10:43 pm
hello, and welcome to our journal.
we are Lilith and Glass, the Fire-starting Bandits!!!!!!!!!

We particularly enjoy fire, and catching things on fire. explosives are nice too.

we are both proud juvenile delinquents.

piss us off and we'll destroy your life.

have a nice day!!! :)
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